About Us

About TeKnoWave Inc.

We take pride in welcoming you to TeKnoWave, TeKnoWave Inc., headquartered in Ottawa/Hull region, we would like to start by acknowledge the location that we are in is on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishnaabeg Peoples nation. We take a pride in the responsibility to adhere to Algonquin heritage and cultural protocols of the Algonquin Peoples.  Meegwich

While acknowledging territory is very welcome, it is only a small part of cultivating strong relationships with the First Peoples of Canada. Acknowledging territory and First Peoples should take place within the larger context of genuine and ongoing work to forge real understanding, and to challenge the legacies of colonialism. Territorial acknowledgements should not simply be a pro forma statement made before getting on with the “real business” of the meeting; they must be understood as a vital part of the business.

TeKnoWave is a nonprofit organization was formed to involve Indigenous peoples, elders, communities, government, and private sector for the development of training, economic development, and knowledge transfer to the Indigenous Peoples of Canada

Our vision is to create delivery mechanisms that engage the Indigenous communities, clients, employers, public and private organizations that will betterment the Indigenous peoples of Canada and all Canadians.

Our mandate is to offer an Indigenous-focused training programs & services which transforms learning into a process that understands and celebrates Indigenous peoples’ strengths. It applies decolonized teaching practices, drawing its teaching philosophies from traditional values in order to enhance pre-existing skills, knowledge, and life experiences.

It incorporates these into each student’s educational journey and promote critical, self-reflective thinking.  Clients will improve their employable skills and be taught to transfer these skills to daily life and work experiences.

These program & services are open to candidates of First Nation, Inuit or Métis ancestry and taught by an Indigenous instructor.

In addition, to oversee the delivery that creates the essential technical and managerial capacity within the First Nations, Inuit, and Metis populations, enabling the achievement of community social and economic goals, creating employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, and building Indigenous self-reliance.

They play a key role in the launching of TeKnoWave. As the initial funding sponsors of this initiative, they make it happen! TeKnoWave is committed to rigorous financial management and is determined to make every contribution work in the interests of the client and their communities to assure their success.

For more information, please contact:

Ottawa Office (TeKnoWave Inc.): +1343 633 4550

Email: info@teknowave.ca