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We are proud to exhibit our supporters who have taken the time to acknowledge our dedication and quality in program deliveries

"TeKnoWave is one of the most innovative and promising initiatives of our Indigenous and Indigenous Community. Using the latest information technologies it will enable many more Indigenous people, particularly youth, to obtain the training and develop the skills that will expand their employment and economic opportunities. There can be no higher priority!"
-- Hon. Maurice F. Strong P.C., C.C.
Under Secretary General and Special Advisor to the Secretary General
"The leadership path to Canada's TeKnoWave… is the leadership path to Canada's Prosperity."
-- Charles S. Coffey
Executive VP RBC Financial Group
TeKnoWave has opened up many opportunities and I am proud to be the first Canadian Youth Ambassador at the ITU Telecom Asia 2004 youth forum in Busan, South Korea.”
Angela Vallely, MCSA
Technologist/Skills Facilitator TeKnoWave Inc., Ottawa, ON
"Nia: wen (thank you) TeKnoWave” “Not only am I getting a good job, I am returning to my own community to start my career"
Trina Henhawk, MCSA
Technologist/Skills Facilitator OGWEHOWEH, Six Nations
“Don’t Tell Me, It’s Impossible! Like any other student, when I enrolled in TeKnoWave, I was hoping for a valuable learning experience and a quality job at the end. TeKnoWave came through on both counts. Anything is Possible!”
Andrew Southward, MCSA
Listuguj, TeKnoWave Graduate


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